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ALC Education

Project Connection’s Senior Consultant and FastTrack Facilitator

Integrated Project Management programs that combines consulting services, project team development and online collaboration with ProjectConnection.com’s comprehensive tools & templates database for a complete end-to-end project execution solution.


Business partners for more that 12 years, I collaborate with Kimberly Wiefling on transforming team and organizational culture.  Her global expertise engaging executives and influential leaders across the company allows us to accelerate the roll-out of team oriented programs aligned with the company’s vision and values.

ALC Education

ALC Education’s Curriculum Architect and Program Facilitator/Coach

Design and delivery of a scalable global leadership curriculum for Japanese enterprises and universities


My newest partnership to take intact teams to the next level.  After an exhilerating outdoor treasure hunt experience with Dr. Clue, we lead a series of team workshops and group coaching sessions to apply key lessons learned into new team agreements back in the office.