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Need to SPARK project innovations with internal or external partners?

Switching to new platform like Skype4Biz? Perfect time to revamp TEAM HABITS!

Planning a strategic offisite? Value the time, build relationships & maximize ROI

What was your 'Best Team EVER'?

What would it take to reach this level again? We can help make it happen!

Make Your Strategic Offsite More IMPACTFUL !!!

Invest wisely when bringing the whole team together!  Focused designs strengthen relationships, address critical issues and get buy-in to decisions.

How Effective is YOUR Team?

Leaders get a FREE 20 minute team coaching call for participating!

Take the Team Effectiveness SURVEY

JUMPSTART the Innovative thinking of a team or group!

Let our experienced facilitators guide the team to transform wild ideas into viable solutions using design thinking.

Let’s Design More Positive Team Experiences TOGETHER!

Success Stories…

Helping to Spread Yamaha's DNA

Design and delivery of global executive development programs to understand, internalize and evangelize the Yamaha Way.


We founded Silicon Valley Alliances to provide integrated company-wide change programs in the areas of  innovation, global leadership and multi-cultural team effectiveness.  Offices in Silicon Valley and Tokyo.

SETI is Going Where Nobody's Gone Before

Guided the entire SETI Institute organization on a journey to explore an expanded vision for the future with an array of stakeholder from NASA to space startups

Solution Partners…

Chasm Institute – global leaders in market development

Human Synergistics – Leaders in culture and performance assessments

Project Connections – Most effective way to FAST RAMP a project

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