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Corporate Networking

Harness the Power of Your Company’s Internal Networks

Why invest in “corporate networking”?

Many organizations are now adapting social networking tools for internal use.  What’s lagging behind is the interaction skills and systems to maximize the advantage that this new level of connection enables.  The majority of technical employees would rather have a root canal than attend a “networking event”, so the key is to make networking internally simple, focused, fast and fun.

Expected outcomes include…

– Resolve project problems faster
– Get broad buy-in to strategic decisions
– Streamlining critical path cycle times
– Increase quality & cultural fit of employee referrals
– Ease tension during times of change

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Who will benefit the most from improved networking skills?

  • Mid-level managers – building bridges for that next step
  • High potential leaders – to be your strategic connectors
  • Project managers – mitigate risk and problem solve faster
  • New college grads – engage them in the community

How can networking increase operational effectiveness?

Accelerate the on-boarding process for new hires so they quickly get plugged in to the organization.  This ensures key people meet the newest talent joining the company.  Make it a fun scavenger hunt style event and you have a dynamic process for their first day

Reestablish internal networks
after department realignment so everyone knows who’s role has changed and how the new structure will operate.  During times of change, this simple step to reestablish connections bring stability to our teams so they can get to work making the new system meet operational expectations.

Ensure seamless integration of acquired companies by speeding up the process for new employees to assimilate into the culture.  Establishing new friendships will also increase retention once the contractual time limit expires.

Engage special interest groups to leverage their strong bonds and cross-organizational network.  Provide these groups to more easily contribute their diversity perspectives and ideas to a wider range of issues while providing more visibility with company leaders.

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