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Building a Multi-Cultural Network

4 steps to becoming a cross-cultural connector


1. Upgrade Networking Skills and Strategies

Develop YOUR Customized Approach to Networking

We’ve designed and tested techniques for each step in the networking process so you don’t have to.  But success only comes by consistently getting feedback from yourself and others to fine tune your approach.  Our sessions take you through the strategy steps and then practice applying the skills and tools before leaving the event.  It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Transform the skills needed to build an influential network by…
+ Making Powerful First Impressions           + Listening for Needs & Opportunities
+ Making and Keeping Commitments           + Asking for What You Need

2. Establish New Connections

Meet More of the RIGHT People in LESS Time

Meeting new people becomes a lot more fun when the pressure is off and you’re able to be yourself.   We find its easier to ask thoughtful questions to drive conversations towards common interests instead of regurgitating a 60 second elevator pitch.  We make meeting influential people simple, fast and fun.

Transform your networking ROI by…
+ Being Interested                            + Communicating Consistently
+ Committing to Adding Value       + Initiating Meaningful Conversations

3. Strengthen Key Relationships

Convert New Connections into Business Results

Building trust is an essential skill to develop an influential network.  Learn fast and effective strategies for following up with your network by adding REAL value that will result in long lasting, strategic partnerships.  “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”  – Zig Ziglar

Transform your networking ROI by…

+ Finding Common Interest                + Add Value to Influencers
+ Connect Like-Minded People          + Keep Other Informed/Updated

4. Lead within Your Network

Leadership Skills to Engage & Influence Others

Move your network into action by harnessing personal strengths and developing critical communication skills.  Learn how to influence without authority by adapting your approach to fit the unique styles and needs of individuals within your network.  Networked Leaders constantly make a difference in the lives of others in their teams, groups & communities.

Who’s transforming their networking strategies..
+ Entrepreneurs         + Project Managers           + New Hires
+ High Potentials        + Mid-Level Managers      + Community Leaders 

The Secret of Successful Networking…

…Give something of value so you’ll be respected & referred.   (Repeat)

Networking Tip: Seek out areas of common interest. (watch video)

Do you have a solid strategy for developing a network of influential people who are willing and able to help your projects and career blossom!

1. BEFORE NETWORKING… Plan for networking success

  • Select WHERE to meet people
  • Identify WHO to connect with
  • Define WHAT to focus on
  • Prepare your intro & questions
  • Envision being successful

2. DURING NETWORKING… Stick with your networking plan

  • Stay FOCUSED on your goals
  • Connect with KEY PEOPLE
  • INITIATE meaningful dialog
  • Listen for ways to add value
  • Collect biz cards & take notes

3. AFTER NETWORKING… Follow thru by adding value

  • Evaluate WHAT WORKED
  • FOLLOW UP with key people
  • Refer individuals you TRUST
  • Use tags to define subgroups
  • Invest in influential contacts


Hi !
I’m looking forward to help you and your community expand their professional network by meeting those individuals you have overlapping interests with.  These new connections are the spark to expand business, stimulate innovation, streamline processes and deepen relationships.

Experience for yourself the difference ONE Keynote can make.

Jeff Richardson, MS OD





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