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3 Core Programs Focused on Improving Project Team Performance
Developing Global Leaders to Lead Cross-Cultural Teams (CLICK to Learn More)

Three Keys to Effective Leadership

  1. Complementary skill sets that help communicate with and engage the people you work with
  2. Constantly assessing and improving a set of effective habits that reinforce key beliefs
  3. Applied “practice” with feedback from mentors, peers and a coach

Establishing Team Leaders

  • Collaborative Mindset – today’s leaders need to tap into the
  • Effective Communication
  • Relationship Builder –

Underlying Essential for Leadership Success

  • Consistency
  • Confidence
Improving the Effectiveness of Collaborative Teams (CLICK to Learn More)

Three Keys to Effective Teamworkmc team

  1. Active Participation by Everyone – tap into the shared wisdom of the team by using tools that actively involve everyone’s brain to solve the problems while systematically developing leadership skills and confidence of team members to contribute at a higher level.
  2. Assess and Constantly Improve – develop a culture where feedback is expected and respected as a tool for improving individual and team performance and trust
  3. Adapt to Changing Situations – develop a set of agreements and tools that allows the team to successfully address any issue that stands in their way

Establishing Team Culture b

  • Team Operating Agreements – set expectations to guide group and 1 on 1 communications
  • Team Decision Making – an integrated approach to make fast, effective decisions with buy-in from all
  • Problem Solving Tools – adaptable set of tools for assessing and solving complex technical and human challenges
  • Communication System – simple, straight forward system for organizing and disseminating team decisions, actions and results

Underlying Essential for Team Success

  • Team Trust – a commitment to doing the small stuff that slowly deepens the trust among members
  • Respect Cultural Differences – valuing differences as an asset and instilling a curiosity to learn more about new perspectives
  • Shared Leadership – develop leaders from within by leveraging strengths and improving skill sets of EVERY team member


Integrating Proven Project Management Systems (CLICK to Learn More)

Our partnership with ProjectConnections.com provides a unique benefit to our clientsexec-team.jpgexec-team.jpgexec-team.jpgexec-team.jpg

  1. Comprehensive set of tools and templates
  2. Endless learning opportunities to expand or improve project skill sets
  3. Integrated content for cohesive and seemless

Empowered Alliances’ owner Jeff Richardson has been one of the curriculum designers at ProjectConnnections.com for the past 5 years


Building on Years of Project Management Expertise:

As an External Consultant (2003 – present)

  • Stanford University’s Advanced Project Management
    • Mastering the Integrated Program – Development of 3-day leadership course on managing large scale global programs.
      Other courses include Strategic Execution Leadership and, Leading Effective Teams
  • Hitachi – Silicon Valley
    • Project Team Development Program – designed and facilitated workshop series for implementing project management best practices at each phase of the product development life cycle
  • UCSC-Extension
    • Project Leadership & Communication – Designed and taught a 10 week project management program that ranked as highest rated course in the Project Management Program all 5 years taught.
  • Cisco
    • Project Management Forum– led monthly learning seminars for 400+ project managers



Created and managed new training projects for program management & business development organizations

  • Collaborated in development of Raytheon Program Management competency model and associated education curriculum which implemented a more effective professional development strategy
  • Reduced proposal development costs by managing a $1M rollout of the Business Development common process and associated core curriculum world wide
  • Eliminated more than $300K in implementation costs by leading a virtual team in the creation of a CD-ROM-based product designed to teach financial tools to 10,000+ engineering project leaders


Developed and deployed corporate-wide Integrated Product Development Processes in post merger environment.

  • Facilitated more than 35 program startup workshops focused on defining product design and program operating processes for key contracts, contributing to a 40% increase in program win rate
  • Initiated and led cross organizational  team that created Raytheon’s team startup process & handbook providing a low cost method to form and align team-based programs
  • Collaborated with customer engineering teams to customize product design processes, develop deployment strategy and train subject matter experts leading to $14M increase in sales
  • Designed, taught and managed a process deployment train-the-trainer course to prepare 150 engineering experts to consult on using newly defined common processes

togetherPrograms focused on
Developing successful cross-cultural project leaders and teams 

  • Integrating proven models, practices and assessments aligned w/ company culture
  • Facilitated activities with in-the-moment coaching & debrief
  • Leveraging virtual tools and technologies to scale for global businesses

Cross-Cultural Leadership programs

  • CQ Assessment (individual and 360) – Measure the growth of global leadership programs
  • Leading with Cultural Intelligence – Integrating CQ models and assessment information with key leadership practices for our most effective introduction to what being a “global leader” really means
  • Breakthrough Leadership – Our signature program for global clients that integrates proven leadership practices in a highly interactive format for maximum results.  Our formula has delivered success for over 10 years!!!
  • CQ Coaching – 1 on 1 coaching for leaders taking on new global assignments who want to accelerate their development results

Team Operating Excellence

  • Team Effectiveness programs –
    • Skill building – tool application oriented sessions with intact teams
    • Team building – strengthen relationships while fine tuning team decision making and problem solving
  • Team Effectiveness Assessment – a systematic way to assess 7 areas of team effectiveness for continuous improvement
  • Creating Company Culture – partnering with Wiefling Consulting to provide a company wide framework from which to build from

Cross-Cultural Connections –

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